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Book description

Plunge into the Heart of Reality and discover the greatest treasure of all!!!

If your inquiring mind keep searching for the Ultimate Truth-Reality, if your radiant Heart is aching for the Union with the Beloved, if your beautiful Soul is longing for the all-satisfying Perfection, then this book is for you!!!

 Brutally honest, thought-provoking, fascinating, psychedelic, poetic, erotic and enlightening, this amazing book speaks directly to the Heart and Soul. 

 Love, sex, drugs, philosophy, life in a spiritual cult, life as a Sadhu (Holy man) in Himalayan caves, prolong fasting and isolation, continuous experiments with the heroic doses of magic mushrooms, visits to the parallel realities – alien worlds, hells and heavens, shamanic journeys into the realm of the Absolute Creative Language (Logos), culminating with the Samavesha (Divine Possession) are just a few subjects of this voluminous book. 

 “Journey into the Heart of Reality” is not only sweet and rosy smooth pop, but rather a real rock-n-roll of spiritual literature. It is an astonishing roller-coster of extreme life-journey with the frightening descends into a cold hells and the rocketing raptures into the incomparable Divine Ecstasy of Sublime Truth. This book breaks all taboos and well-established spiritual cliches, for it is based not on a sweet beliefs, but on the courageous experiments, utmost honesty and first-hand experiences of Divine Revelations. 

 Shiva Somadev tears off suffocating armour and offers himself unreservedly into the sacrificial alchemical fires. Like a phoenix, he rises from the ashes with the earned wisdom to share it slot gacor malam ini with those who seek for Her Majesty Divine Truth. 

 In this ground-breaking book, author not only shares his views on the True Nature of Reality and his dramatic life-story, which itself serves as a guide to spiritual enlightenment, but most importantly, provides earnest seeker with the practical tools designed to bring an aspirant to the Divine Ecstasy of Self-Realization. 

 The unique “Kumbhaka Prana Yoga”, which was revealed to Shiva in non-ordinary states of consciousness, integrates within itself the best Yogic, Shamanic and Psychedelic methods combined into the one complete system. “Kumbhaka Prana Yoga” could be considered as one of the most powerful and quintessential spiritual techniques, able to bring earnest sadhaka to the Glory of Self-Recognition. 

 “Kumbhaka Prana Yoga” is not for the fain-hearted, but for those ripe courageous Souls who are established themselves in the unshakable conviction that True Self is Absolute Immortal Reality, and who are ready to meet the Greatest slot gacor gampang maxwin Teacher – Lord Yama (Lord of Death) face to face. 

 “The gates of conscious energy swung wide open and instead of breathing, the sponteneous effortless flood of Divine Language gushed in and through… I could no longer make any effort or choice, for I broke through the treshold of illusion of separate identity onto the lap of the Divine Mother, who began to shower me with her sweetest grace and overwhelming love! She – my True Beloved fully possessed me, taking me on the astonishing ride by the means of her Divine Language into the glorious heart of love and ecstasy. Nothing can prepare one for the experience of Highest Reality. When one’s sadhana, spiritual efforts and self-sacrifice awakens the Grace of Devi and she allows access to her Real Nature and strips herself of all clothing, revealing her majestic nakedness, one would never believe that such beauty, such love, such intelligence, such ecstasy and such wisdom are possible… for it is beyond imagination”