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Shiva Somadev

Shiva Somadev's life could be described as a Journey towards the Ultimate Truth. Soon after joining in Moscow "Fourth Way" school, based on the teachings of Mr. Gurdjief, Shiva has his first "out of this world" experience in which his consciousness catapulted out of "space-time" bubble into the Higher Dimensions of Reality. Staying in a "Fellowship of Friends" and working with Gurdjief's ideas for nearly nine years, Shiva finally leaves the school, realising it to be a cult with limited ideas under a guidance of a corrupt teacher. Inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi the next chapter of his life leads him to the Holy Arunachala mountain in the south of India, where Shiva meets his future wife: Mantra-yogini Tarananda. Using all possible tools for the Awakening of Consciousness, Shiva experimenting wildly with the heroic doses of Magic Mushrooms which he considers "the most powerful Spiritual Teachers". These unique Gurus teach Shiva the art of Pranayama and the significance of Prana Shakti. After his brief life as a Sadhu (holy man) in a Himalayan caves and his forty days of complete fasting and isolation, he decides to give Satsangs (Abidance in Truth) and teach his own Yoga, which he calls "Kumbhaka Prana Yoga" on Isle of Wight (England) where he resides. In December of 2013 combination of "Kumbhaka Prana Yoga" whith the heroic dose of psilocybin mushrooms brought Shiva into full "possession", (know in Kashmir Shaivism tradition as "SAMAVESHA") by the Highest Reality. Shiva have been blessed with the Highest Divine Revelations and experienced full identity with the Creative Word (Logos, Malini, Matr’ka, Pashyanti Vak, Mantra) of God Absolute. "Journey into the Heart of Reality - Spiritual Guide to Divine Ecstasy of Self-realization" is his first book based on Shiva's autobiography and serving as a Spiritual guide towards Her Majesty Sublime Truth.