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Welcome to the magical world of Shiva Somadev

Take the Journey into the Heart of Reality and discover the greatest Treasure of all

Dear friend. I am very happy that for whatever mysterious reasons your precious attention landed on this page. If you are looking for the Ultimate Truth, Perfect Happiness, Heavenly Bliss and Absolute Satisfaction, you came to the right place.

My name is Shiva Somadev and I am the founder of one of the most powerful Yogic-Shamanic system “Kumbhaka Prana Yoga”.

I have been very fortunate and blessed to receive Divine Revelations known in Kashmir Shaivism spiritual tradition as SAMAVESHA (Divine Possession).

It is due to this direct realization of the Absolute Truth, in which all my doubts, uncertainties, fears and worries have been completely annihilated, I dare now to speak about True Nature of Reality and the practical ways to Self-Realization.

I would like to offer you my book “JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF REALITY: Spiritual Guide to Divine Ecstasy of Self-Realization” This book is based on my own fascinating spiritual journey of relentless search for the Ultimate Truth.

I share the insights about the true Nature of Reality which I’ve been blessed to directly realize, but most importantly, I am offering the most powerful tangible tools in a form of Kumbhaka Prana Yoga specifically designed to bring earnest aspirant to Divine Ecstasy of Self-Realization.

To bring more objectivity to the quality of my book, I would like to offer you couple of reviews below. For more reviews or to taste a flavor of my writings please visit the “Reviews” and “Excerpts” pages (links at the bottom of this page).

“After years of not being able to visit my Beloved Master, Arunachala, I was finally there again.
To my surprise I found the most exquisite poem dedicated to the Mountain from the hashtag #Arunachala on my instagram feed.
It was unlike anything you read about Arunachala nowadays from all of the so called gurus out there. ‘Who could have written this?’ I wondered.
It reminded me of a story I had heard many years before on my first visit to this very Mountain.
I looked for the Author and found his name to be Shiva Somadev, and a picture of a man with a whiter beard than the man who had told me this very story a decade ago at a cafe not far from Sri Ramanasramam.
Yes, of course, it was the author of this book, my dear friend, and my guru, and the one who revealed with most clarity in my life the true meaning of Satsang (meeting the Truth).
This is not a book. It is a Sutra.
It is a prophetic message that needs to be respected and absorbed bit by bit.
It needs to be read with humbleness and an open heart. Whilst reading one would be wise to put it down and contemplate the depth of it.
Because like the Ocean, only one who can respect it, listen to it and dive deep within it, can receive the pearl.
Having spent one of the most blessed times of my life with the author, I can say from first hand experience that, many of the lessons he shared with me took years, to germinate within my mind, heart and soul.
It took years for the seeds beloved Shiva planted to sprout, and for my understanding to grasp with lucidity what he meant.
Even of the lessons which i heard many times!
It reads like a story, because it tells the story of a soul who lived his life with real love, and passion for divine truth, which is obviously entertainment at its finest.
However it is also a guidebook, a lonely planet you might say, for navigating the dimension of inner consciousness.
For the humble reader, who respects this book as a great Sutra written by a 21st Century Oracle, you will certainly find an abundance of pearls scattered throughout its pages.
These gems, may be used to speed up your progress on the path to Self-knowledge and help one to avoid or at least soften the pitfalls which the author reveals he went through in all honorable vulnerability.
This is not a view of the spiritual life with rose-colored glasses, as so many new age spiritual books written nowadays seem to be.
Rather, it is a raw and honest look, at the heavens and hells, demons and angels, epiphanies and crucifixions, that need to be experienced in all their glory, if we are ever going to bring about the dawn of a new humanity.
A humanity which is aware of the true bliss and glory found not in riches, pleasures and Gold, but in the ecstasy of the Soul.
Thank you dear brother, and Guru, I prostrate again before your holy feet.

— — — — —

“I have been studying and practicing yoga, Hinduism, Tantra, Eastern philosophy and altered states of consciousness for over forty years.
In that time I have read hundreds of books on all these and associated subjects. Shiva’s book is worth all of them rolled together and much more.
Although he has obviously studied these subjects in great depth intellectually for a lifetime too, it is the synthesis of this with his direct experience of absolute truth which leaps off every page.
Shiva delivers his experiences in such palpitating poetry that you are riveted as he takes you on a journey to the heart of our reality.
For me Shiva’s words come from direct revelation, which makes his book nothing less than revealed scriptures and I will go on reading and re-reading it gaining spiritual sustenance for the rest of this life.
Thank you Shiva for bringing it all together for me.
You are a miracle!”

Let the Journey into the Heart of Reality begin


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“Little did I know back then the joy of the real adventure: adventure into the bliss of Self. And to be absolutely honest with you, there is nothing in this entire world and beyond, more satisfactory, purposeful, rewarding and joyful than knowledge and union with God, who is none other but your very Self. Those who plunge deeper and deeper into the depths of the inner dimensions, into the bottomless ocean of Self-mystery, discovering that there is nothing more beautiful in the seven worlds than the naked Truth! Only the real joy of Self-abidance can never be taken away, for the True Self is the Eternal Reality. True Self is the perpetual flood of excessive joy, love, wonder and creativity.”

~ Journey into the Heart of Reality ~

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